What is your ethnicity? 
I  am afro- guyanese from south america and I am 20 

How did you get your hair to grow?
By stretching my relaxer and keeping my hair off my shoulders and keeping it moisturized and sealed with a oil.

What do you do to your hair?
I deep condition, wash once a week, moisturize every night and seal.

What products do you use?
I Use alot of products in the beginning of my journey. I grab a notebook and document how the products work and now I keep my products simple. Aphogee, Ors Mega Growth by Profectiv and Hawaiian silk 14 in 1 are my favs.

Do you dye your hair?
I Use a Rinse to dye my hair blue black every 2-4 weeks. I have colored my hair red but it is alot of work to keep the color vibrant.

What is your hair goal?
I want to achieve full waist length relaxed hair and to add some layers once my hair is even. I want to keep my hair wl for 4 years if it does not become a hassle and maybe try to go natural or texturized.

How did you style your hair when it was short?
I had my hair in buns alot and that is how i was able to grow my hair to apl length. 

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