Hair Update: Retaining Length


The difference between this stretch and my previous stretches is manipulating my hair less, protective styling and stretching my relaxer. Before I did all of this I cut my hair because the ends were terrible. I couldn't believe how much split ends I had. It was easy going the 1st two months but adding in wigs made stretching a breeze. It was a long day for wash days because I tried my best to detangle and cause less breakage. Breakage is at the center of my hair's improvement. I believe Olaplex has helped my hair to break less and therefore helping me to retain alot of length. As for wigs, my main concern was traction alopecia so I made sure to add oils to my scalp, edges, and nape.  Usually, my edges would thin out and look almost bald. GS by Sadora has helped my edges to grow out tremendously and my nape, I could not believe how much length I have grown. I can't wait to try this method for a 2nd time in order to help me grow my hair longer and keep it healthy.

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