Solotica Hidrocor Graphite Dupe DUEBA SWEETY HYDROCOR GREY

I think this a very similar dupe to the solotica hidrocor graphite. The opacity is similar in style to the solotica and you get a good color pay off especially on dark eyes. Graphite is a bit bluer in color and lighter as it appears in my eyes. Both colors look natural with dark eyes and they appear blue and grey at the same time depending on the lighting environment. Solotica is thicker in the quality of the lens so it does dry your eyes out faster. Sweety hydrocor is thinner and very comfortable on the eyes. I would recommend these contacts because the shipping was pretty fast.The price is affordable compare to solotica and the company offers a wide range to pictures on their social media for eye references.The packaging is a plus because it includes a traveling case that has a bottle for eye solution, eye suction picker, and eye picker as well as the contacts case and a case with a mirror to hold everything together.

 Sweety hydrocor in both eyes

 Graphite in the left vs Sweety hydrocor grey

 Solotica natural color cristial vs sweety hydrocor grey

Natural eye color vs sweety hydrocor grey


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