Solotica Hidrocor Graphite 2017 On Dark eyes

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These contacts are beautiful, I love the color pay off. This changes your eye color significantly. The design of the contacts allows for full coverage with a bit of star burst effect at the pupil area. This help the contacts to look natural and blend in with your dark eye color. I can wear these contacts for about 8hrs before my eyes start to dry out and my vision becomes blurry. At that time I know it is time to take these contacts out. The lens itself is very thick so this prevent oxygen from getting to you eyes. This contacts last for a year and they cost $89 USD. I was sent these contacts to review from vision market place. I added prescription to my lens, which accounted for a long shipping time. My contacts arrive in 3 weeks due to that special adjustment. I love these contacts overall the color pay off of these contacts are mostly a muted blue with some light green specs depending on the lightening conditions. 

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