Lace frontal install& Customization to look natural

Here are some tips of how to make your lace frontal look natural.
1. create gradiant thinness along the hairline
2. mimic your own hair line as much as possible.
3. mimic temples for realistic look.
4. add baby hair to blend line of demarcation of lace
5. use elastic band to hold lace flat to hairline.

Mofain Hair Install Mongolian Loose Wave

intial review

Hair install

This hair is beautiful, the curl pattern is very curly and you get a lot of hair per bundle. I love how the curls are loose but not too tight. I will wear this for 3+ weeks and do a review of how the hair performs.

Braid out Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair

side faux shave
simple braid out

Want to add some thing new do a braid out, it will add lots of texture and volume. These hair styles are easy and they can last for a week if kept up well.

Easy Spring Makeup Looks


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