Relaxed Hair Update: New Color & Length Check

So after my last take down I decided to color my hair black to start of the new year. The red hair does require alot of maintenance and I was getting frustrated with fading effects that I received. I think this new year will be another great year for my hair with the consistency of what I did last year and keeping my hair healthy as it can be. I hope you like the new color.  

Relaxed Hair Update Relaxed Hairstyles

So in this video I wanted to play around with my braid out and try new hairstyles that are cute. My hair color also adds dimension to the curls and they make it pop out more. This hairstyle can last for a week with the right maintenance and it can cut down on manipulation.

Relaxed Hair Update Fast Hair Growth Progress 2015

This year my hair has growth the most in all of my entire hair journey. I have been able to retain a lot of length as well as recognize how to improve my hair care regimen. Stretching has always been a struggle as i would gain length but receive some sort of damage due to thin ends. Adding emu oil has helped to me retain more moisture and I have been able to retain the majority of length I stretch during my relaxers.

Relaxed Hair Update: 3inches in 3 months

So this is my update of my hair so far, I have slacked off due to being ill and just being busy with life. I do plan to continue to do the things I did before such as the inversion method. oiling my scalp and taking my hair vitamins. As far as manipulation I plan to keep this hair under a wig for the next 4 weeks since I am 12 weeks post and then I can relax. The wigs are very helpful and it prevents me from causing unecessary breakage to my hair.

Short bob Aliexpress ali moda hair

This is my inital review and install video. I really like this hair, it is very thick and perfect for a bob. The hair flows easily and the hair suits my face shape well. I like the A line bob effect so that I wont be irritated by the hair brushing up against my neck. The only issue i have so far is my construction of the wig and the fact that the hair has fly aways and some of the wefts are coming apart due to the fact that I glued them in. I will continue to work with the hair and see how it goes so far.

How I style my Curly Hair wig

Laying my lace closure

Defining my curly Hair


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