Aliexpress Ms Here Install & Hair Styling

Beautiful Wand Curls
This hair is amazing, I love the shine and how long the curls last on this hair, I will be rocking this during the winter to protect my hair from the cold as well as give my hair a break to help me stretch my relaxer out. Wearing wigs is easy in my opinion and it cuts down on styling and my morning routine. The curls I made in this 2nd tutorial came out lovely. I was amazed by the waves. I can't wait to try different hair styles as I wear this hair. Install and Styling

Here I show you how I install my wig as well as how I make my closure part look natural. I have discovered a new technique which I think will help to mimic real scalp. This hair a beautiful. I love the curls and the hair is full of volume.

Thanksgiving Holiday Fall Lookbook

Here are some fall outfit ideas, which are great for going to a dinner party or during your daily routines. Each outfit includes a pop of fall colors as well as keeping the chills away. You can add a statement jewelry and make the outfit looks glam up.

Dyhair777 Cambodian Italian Curly Hair

This hair  is amazing, I truly love cambodian hair. It is soft and the curls on this hair is beautiful.I decided to make a short wig because curly can be a lot and grow big on you depending on how you style it.  I would definitely recommend this hair  since the quality is so amazing.

Simple Fresh Face Makeup

 Here I do my updated contour and highlight routine as well as my foundation application. I start off with graftobian foundation palette because its my face a dewy skin like look and it blends well. Then i proceed to hightlight and contour and set each part with its corresponding setting powder. I began to highlight with a glowy rose gold color to help my cheek bones to pop. This look makes my skins look healthy, simple and glowy.

Holiday Hairstyle Spiral Curls on Relaxed Hair

Here is a hair style that is great for upcoming holiday party, it is simple and easy. The curling wand can give you loose waves or tight waves depending on the length of your hair. You don't need to have long hair to do a curly look and with the wand all u need to do is wrap and let go.

Hair Growth Plan for the Year End

I plan to use growth aids to help my hair to grow healthy along with practicing low manipulation and ways of retaining hair length. Protective styles has been very helpful as well as being aware of the state of my hair become I comb it or do anything. By trying out these techniques I hope I can retain a good amount of length as well keep my hair healthy.

Date night Lookbook Ft Fashion Nova

Date night look book. I chose bodysuits because they are very versatile, you can dress them up or you can dress them down. Add jeans and a leather jacket or heels and a elegant skirt. In each outfit you can see how I mix items and created unique outfits and style variation.

Finally BSL

I am glad to be at BSL length it has been some years of me trying to get to this length. I have suffered multiple set backs as well as mistakes that was caused by me. This time I have made some changes that included protective styling and basically stretching my relaxer. I did everything that involved maximizing length retention. I plan to follow the same routine and retain more length in the future.


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