Weave Hair Care Tips & Gro Aut Oil

These are some tips that I think are very helpful for those who are new to wearing weaves. My tips will help you to prevent damage and keep your hair healthy while under a wig.

Hollywood curls ft OMG Hair Aliexpress

These are some cute curls great for a party or special event. To curl my hair I make sure to use a curling iron. I lock the hair in the iron and pull it until the end of the hair is next to the iron and then roll up and hold. Last I open the barrel and let the hair fall. I get perfect curls fast and easy.

Omg Aliexpress. Hair install

This is the install of my hair ,I was going for magenta on the top faded to red but instead got pink to red, it looks ok to me, too a while to grow on me,but I'm really liking it now. I bleached the hair three times and used jamming zone color to it

Desio contact lenses caramel brown lenses review

I love these  contacts, they are easy to apply and confortable. The contacts are a greenish brown color and under my ring light  it looks  grey in color . There is not many brown skin girls in caramel brown and desert dream seems to be the most popular eye color, maybe I will get more in the future but now I am very content with these lense.

How I Flat Iron and Blow Dry My Relaxed Hair

How I Flat Iron my Hair

Blow drying my hair

After being 5 months post I relaxed my hair and took on the duties of getting my hair straight for a length check. I took precaution when blow drying and flat ironing my hair. This is how I do both. My hair has turned out pretty sleek along with is volume. You can see the thickness in my hair as well as the shine. It feels good to be able to touch my hair again and play in these tresses.


So I stretched my hair for 5 months and was able to recover from my set back. I am happy to be able to get back to healthy hair again. I used wigs and protective styles to protect my hair. I made sure to trim my ends and to add protein leave in to my ends daily. 
Here is how i relaxed my hair 5months post and my relaxer results


Birthday Libra!!! Collab w/Grow It Girl

Birthday Collab With Grow It Girl

This is our BDay Collab make up looks. We are both Libra and love make up so we decided to do a collab together, Hope you enjoy.

Curly Hairstyle Files Braid out, Bantu knots & Twist Out


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