Wash day: 13 weeks post Recovering from Set Back

1. Detangle my hair in 5 sections using mane &tail detangler. 

2. Shampoo with hand wash soap, garnier frutis damage shampoo and a mixed moisture shampoo,I have a lot of build up. 5 weeks post wash. wash in 6 sections with phony tails

3. DC with mega growth deep strength conditioner mix with nexxus humectress, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, loreal erase balm, mayo and a extra conditioner i just buy. heat it up for 20 sec and stay under the hooded dryer with a cap for 20 mins

4. Rinse out mix acv rinse and black tea rinse. pour it onto my scalp and hair and add a bit of conditioner.

5. Rinse and blow dry on cool air with tension method in 6 -9 sections

6. Add Ors heat protectant and flat iron in small sections. 

new growth 12 weeks post

 shed hair after 5 weeks post wash
 air dry hair
 length check, right side breakage problem area
T-shirt length check. 

 another cut, stretchin to 5 months, grow in 2 more inches and Cut again

Currently I wear a upart closure wig and I wash my hair once a month, with a deep treatment and followed by black tea & acv rinse. I use gro aut oil on my scalp, take mantabolism and do the inversion once a month.


  1. Wow! Your breakage area is recovering really well! You betta get it chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. You're definitely well on your way to getting over your set back x



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