Wash day: 13 weeks post Recovering from Set Back

1. Detangle my hair in 5 sections using mane &tail detangler. 

2. Shampoo with hand wash soap, garnier frutis damage shampoo and a mixed moisture shampoo,I have a lot of build up. 5 weeks post wash. wash in 6 sections with phony tails

3. DC with mega growth deep strength conditioner mix with nexxus humectress, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, loreal erase balm, mayo and a extra conditioner i just buy. heat it up for 20 sec and stay under the hooded dryer with a cap for 20 mins

4. Rinse out mix acv rinse and black tea rinse. pour it onto my scalp and hair and add a bit of conditioner.

5. Rinse and blow dry on cool air with tension method in 6 -9 sections

6. Add Ors heat protectant and flat iron in small sections. 

new growth 12 weeks post

 shed hair after 5 weeks post wash
 air dry hair
 length check, right side breakage problem area
T-shirt length check. 

 another cut, stretchin to 5 months, grow in 2 more inches and Cut again

Currently I wear a upart closure wig and I wash my hair once a month, with a deep treatment and followed by black tea & acv rinse. I use gro aut oil on my scalp, take mantabolism and do the inversion once a month.

New Hair VIP Beauty Hair affordable Aliexpress Hair Install & review

Unboxing and initial review

Installing Closure & Blending
Install of my new hair

I love this hair, it is brazilian body wave in 16,18,20 with 12 in closure. The hair is easy breezy , it holds a curls and it has a natural looks, low luster with no shedding and tangle. Im really loving this hair, it is my fav and i don't have to style this hair. 

Aliexpress Hair Review | Virgo Hair Company Update Curly to Straight review

It was fun having this hair straight but it is time to let the curls come back before i cause heat damage to this lovely hair. It was easy breezy and the curls last very long. Having the hair curly is a bit of maintenance, refreshing the curls with some spritz of water and fluffing.I like the wave patter which is not too deep.There is some tangles in the nape area but no shedding.   

Aliexpress Hair Review | VIP Beauty Brazilian Body

This is a first look at body wave brazilian this is my first time trying this style of hair. protective styling to help my hair retain 4 inches.

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