Havana Twist: 3 weeks so far

Three weeks into wearing my Havana twist and I miss my hair. I am worried about how my hair is holding up and my ends. I want to keep these twist in for 4 more weeks to help me stretch to 12 weeks, but my hair needs a touch up. I don't want to re-install these twist as yet and not to mention wash and detangle my hair.I am so afraid of losing unnecessary hair when it is time to take these twist out, detangle and washing. I know my hair is benefiting by having a break from manipulation, heat and not to mention the hot sun that keeps beaming on  my head. Maybe I will wash my hair next week and re-install my twist or just give my hair a break, these twist are starting to feel heavy and have a little of tension on my edges.So I apply castor oil to my edges just to thicken it up and keep my scalp free of products.I will be doing the inversion method this week and the next month so I can have that extra inch that may come out due to detangling and uninstalling these twist.

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