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GRWM: Cook Out Party

Affordable Virgin Hair | Aliexpress: Virgo Hair Company Unboxing & Intial Review

Hair Info
Virgo Hair Company Brazilian water wave 10in closure, 12, 14 ,16 inches

3/4 bundles:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Queen-Hair-Brazilian-Virgin-Hair-Extension-Mixed-3pcs-lot-300g-Water-Wave-Curly-Hair-10-26/626041_985791528.html

This hair is beautiful with it's water wave curls. Unfortunately its too too damn hot to wear curly hair. I used three bundles and it consumes my tiny head. I flat ironed it and am loving it this way. I will rock this hair in its curly state in the winter to help keep my head warm. Since my hair is flat ironed, I plan to keep it straight for a month before i wash it and let it be curly. I dont want to continue to flat iron it and make it heat damaged.  

Havana Take Down Bantu Knots Hairstyle

So the Havana twist are finally out and these are the results of my hair, Cute right? Lovely bantu knots and my hair is still soft and moisturize.

Havana Twist Marley Twist Protective Style

 Its summer time and all the braids and Twist are out in style. Any one can rock them for as long as they want. Easy maintenance and a summer break that some of our hair may need. I have my twist in for 4 weeks. I reinstalled some twist 2 times and had a great experience during take down. I never washed my hair and didn't experience any breakage.  Below are some videos how I maintain my hair at night/morning and how I styled my hair from buns to fishtail and goddess crown. 

New Hair

Styling My hair

 Morning and Night Routine

Fishtail Braid

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails Vitamins Update

These vitamins are working well for me. No complaints at all. My nail and hair is growing and my skin is doing well considering the fact I layed off the fast foods and I barely drink water. These soft gels are easy to digest and there is enough to last me into my 3rd month. I would love to try the gummie version. I herd they taste good, which is a plus. I would recommend these because of the variety and the price.

Havana Hair styles Easy and Quick

Here are some hair styles that I became creative with. I love these hair styles but I did not wear them as of yet. I think these styles are cute and they add to my twist.

Summer Collabsw/ Cocoa nina & Gina Marie

These collabs were fun I enjoyed working with these two lades. 

Havana Twist: 3 weeks so far

Three weeks into wearing my Havana twist and I miss my hair. I am worried about how my hair is holding up and my ends. I want to keep these twist in for 4 more weeks to help me stretch to 12 weeks, but my hair needs a touch up. I don't want to re-install these twist as yet and not to mention wash and detangle my hair.I am so afraid of losing unnecessary hair when it is time to take these twist out, detangle and washing. I know my hair is benefiting by having a break from manipulation, heat and not to mention the hot sun that keeps beaming on  my head. Maybe I will wash my hair next week and re-install my twist or just give my hair a break, these twist are starting to feel heavy and have a little of tension on my edges.So I apply castor oil to my edges just to thicken it up and keep my scalp free of products.I will be doing the inversion method this week and the next month so I can have that extra inch that may come out due to detangling and uninstalling these twist.

Style these twist

 These are some fun hair styles to do with any twist or braids.They are easy to do looks cute at the same time. It takes no time at all and less effort for styling.

Summer Sun Inspired Make up

 This summer make up has a pop of yellow and neutral. Check out my New Make up Channel and subscribe.

Summer Hair Havana/ Marley Jumbo Braids

I love these braids, they fit me very well and it gives my hair a break. It took me a while to install these because I was teaching myself at the same time. I plan to wear this for 4-6 weeks just to help me stretch to 12 weeks post relaxer. I am also thinking about re-installing them. They do get a bit heavy on my head and make me hot at times but this hair style if low maintenance and easy breezy


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