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Defined Twist out ft Lotta Body Moisture Milk

I have done many twist out with eco styler gel, s-curl and other products. What makes a good defined twist out is the product you use to mold you hair into shape. Moisturizers make my hair too soft and gels can make my hair too hard if you use too much. I enjoy using my eco styler gel because it mold in hair as it dry in the twist. Now that I am trying this moisture milk, I love it. It moisturizes my hair as well as add softness and hold for my twist out. It smells amazing with a creamy texture that adds shine and moisture to your hair.

Get ready with me :New JOB

I started my New job and I work at a office at my school. So I wanted to look a little extra but still presentable.

Air dry Big Fluffy Relaxed Hair

So this is how big my hair gets after air drying it and wrapping it down with my silk scarf. I love fullness but i prefer my hair sleek. As for the summer I will lay off heat. I do find it pointless sometimes flat ironing my hair because it tends to slightly wave up on its own if its raining or humid outside. I use castor oil from time to time and I do take hair vitamins. My hair is naturally thick ,I just don't like to detangle or manipulate it when its this loud.


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wash day routine for relaxed hair

This is my wash day, since the summer has started I have become lazy with washing my hair because it takes forever. I was able to catch this clip and edit it to show you my process.

Summer outfit Idea

This is my first outfit video, excuse the wrinkle pants. I didn't think you would see it and I was beening lazy. It took alot to edit this and pick the right outfits. I even forgot to add details and close ups. Maybe next time when I have 3 hours to perfect this. Leave feed back

We are Onyx box June Month

This june box includes amazing summer essentials. Hair,skin and nails. 

Switch it up and revamp that wig

This is simple and easy and less styling time.

Get ready with me

2014 summer twist out on relaxed hair

Its Summer time and we want out hair to look cute with out making us hot. I two strand twisted my hair and curl the ends with a perm rod to make my hair curl up and be above my shoulders. This hair style can be tightly defined or loose waves depending on the size of the twist. You can also pass for natural if you please. cute simple and easy, This will be my go to hairstyle.

Sunshine Award!

I was nominated by The Real Diva, thank you for tagging me.Get to know me a bit and I hope you enjoy

  • post 11 random facts about yourself 
  • answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you 
  • nominate 11 bloggers 
  • write 11 questions for them 
  • inform the 11 bloggers that you nominated them for this award
11 random facts about me
1. I am a libra
2. I am guyanese
3. Im 21
4. my favorite color is Pink
5.I taught my self how to braid and do make up
6.I have been through 4 camera's starting youtube
7. I am afraid of heights
8.I can't swim
9. I travel to 3 countries outside the USA
10. I am the only child
11. i can't drive yet

Answers to The Real Diva
1.what is your dream vacation

2.sneakers or stilletos

3.what is your dream car
- I don't know yet or gemstones

5.what is your dream job
teacher,case manager

6.exercise or couch potato

7.what is your favorite handbag designer
Anne klein one hair or beauty item you cannot be without
-mane and tail detangler

9.what is your favorite fragrance
mariah carey purple purfume, forgot the name

10.eating out or your favorite home cooked meal
-favorite cooked meal

11.what is one goal you set to achieve that you haven’t achieved yet
- reach BSL, drive, learn to swim.


1. What is your favorite color?
2.What are you afraid of?
3. Where do you see  yourself in 5 years?
4. what dish you love to cook?
5. what book have you read recent?
6..favorite youtubers?
7. If you could teach,what would it be?
8. Places you have traveled?
9.favorite song?
10. why do you blog?
11.favorite make up product?


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