BeautyCon 2014 NEW YORK Haul+Experience

So I went to beauty con in new york, It was fun for the most part meeting youtubers.There was alot of young kids there, I felt very old like I was in the wrong place. I was expecting to see make up vendor and make up demos. I saw lot of apparel clothing vendors that was selling at high prices. There was even a huge moon bounce and dance floor. Yes not for me. I went with my friend and was walked back and forth. There was some free samples provided by revlon and maybelline. There was also a panel discussion which was not interested. Overall I would say BeautyCon was ok. I don't know what was in the PRO section and I don't care because it cost $145, so I guess getting a bag of 50+ NYX cosmetics made up for that. I had fun and thats all that matters.

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