Creme of Nature Relaxer Review

So I finally got a chance to try the New relaxer that everyone is talking about. The packaging is great with its color and style. The products themselves are good portions for different hair thickness. As for me I was able to save some of the shampoo and conditioner. My fav product would be the conditioner because of its texture. The relaxer creme is very different compare to other creme that i have used in the past.

 Creme Relaxer
This has a gel texture, but it is not too thick at all. It took a while for it to rinse out was I was running the water through my hair. I did not experience any burning. This creme requires three ingredients to be mixed.

Hydrating shampoo
This shampoo was ok, it had a lather being that is is sulfate free and it didnt leave my hair feeling stripped.

This is very thick and feels a bit jelly, it gave my hair slip and I love how it made my hair feel soft.

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