Dyhair777.com cambodian loose curly hair

Install video

I love this hair it is so soft and the curls are beautiful.The hair is light weight and I used all the bundles and the closure. The hair does not have any shedding or tangles and my fingers glide through it very easily.This is by far my favorite hair ever

Hairextension buy ombre hair

nstall video

This hair is beautiful, I love the color, This is my first time becoming blonde and I love it, the color suit my skin tone well with out over powering my undertone and the hair has a lovely curl.

Aliexpress Modern Show Hair Review

Initial review:

Install review

U-Part Wig Install
This hair does come by some issues that I notice while wearing the hair. The hair tends to shed even though I did not cut my wefts at all. Compared to previous hair that I review none of them shed compare to this hair. I don't mind the shedding because it is only when I comb the hair, and I also sew through the wefts so that could a reason for the shedding. The hair is pretty ok so far and it holds amazing curls.

How to color your extensions

Here I explain how I color my hair blue black ombre as well as how I colored my hair pink then transition it to red and later purple. This took alot of work but I am glad that I am able to offer this information to anyone that would like to color their hair.

Aliexpress Yvonne Hair Hy Wigs Hair initial Hair review

Her is received Peruvian deep curly 18,20,22 and 16inch closure, The hair is beautiful and very curly.
The curls are loose in some areas and but it is very soft, I can't wait to install this hair and show you girls how it is rocking.

Fishtail braid Hair tutorial

This is how to do the fishtail braid , I hope this is helpful for those who want to spice up their hair style

Make up tutorial check it out

Weave Hair Care Tips & Gro Aut Oil

These are some tips that I think are very helpful for those who are new to wearing weaves. My tips will help you to prevent damage and keep your hair healthy while under a wig.

Hollywood curls ft OMG Hair Aliexpress

These are some cute curls great for a party or special event. To curl my hair I make sure to use a curling iron. I lock the hair in the iron and pull it until the end of the hair is next to the iron and then roll up and hold. Last I open the barrel and let the hair fall. I get perfect curls fast and easy.

Omg Aliexpress. Hair install

This is the install of my hair ,I was going for magenta on the top faded to red but instead got pink to red, it looks ok to me, too a while to grow on me,but I'm really liking it now. I bleached the hair three times and used jamming zone color to it

Desio contact lenses caramel brown lenses review

I love these  contacts, they are easy to apply and confortable. The contacts are a greenish brown color and under my ring light  it looks  grey in color . There is not many brown skin girls in caramel brown and desert dream seems to be the most popular eye color, maybe I will get more in the future but now I am very content with these lense.

How I Flat Iron and Blow Dry My Relaxed Hair

How I Flat Iron my Hair

Blow drying my hair

After being 5 months post I relaxed my hair and took on the duties of getting my hair straight for a length check. I took precaution when blow drying and flat ironing my hair. This is how I do both. My hair has turned out pretty sleek along with is volume. You can see the thickness in my hair as well as the shine. It feels good to be able to touch my hair again and play in these tresses.


So I stretched my hair for 5 months and was able to recover from my set back. I am happy to be able to get back to healthy hair again. I used wigs and protective styles to protect my hair. I made sure to trim my ends and to add protein leave in to my ends daily. 
Here is how i relaxed my hair 5months post and my relaxer results


Birthday Libra!!! Collab w/Grow It Girl

Birthday Collab With Grow It Girl

This is our BDay Collab make up looks. We are both Libra and love make up so we decided to do a collab together, Hope you enjoy.

Curly Hairstyle Files Braid out, Bantu knots & Twist Out

Creme of Nature Product line review

I love these products, they have 3 important penetrating ingredients to help you hair to be healthy and the product works great to help your hair to be moisturized and strengthen .Check out my detailed review, relaxer update and wash day routine will be posted soon with these products.

Get ready with me collab video

New Video MAC Rihanna Viva Glam 2 Swatches & Review!!!

OMG I love this lipstick, it is sooo different, I never used a color like this and its perfect for the fall. I love to wear dark color and this color is easy to pull off during the day without looking like a clown and Halloween crazy.I might need to get another lipstick , the lipglass adds another pop to the color. This lipstick combo is very creative and it is wearable. I can't wait to rock this bad gyal out.

Aliexpress VIP beauty Brazilian Body Wave Hair Final Review

I love this hair,  it is so easy breezy, no shedding, no tangle , it holds a curl and it fits me well. I plan to keep on wearing this hair and keeping you updated.

Hair update what im doing with my hair? Natural/ stretch?

I am working on recovering from my set back. I will relax in Oct being 5 months post. Taking care of my hair under my wigs. I make sure to moisturize and seal and do a DC every wash.

Back 2 School Haul: Beauty, Electronic, Clothes

Haul time and i save some serious bucks on summer items that are being discontinued.I have clothes for school, some electronics hand for my phone, camera and face as well as other things

GRWM:Back to school Collab w/Brinicole

Aliexpress Virgo Hair Company Final Review

This hair has been holding up for me pretty well. I still currently use this hair and I will  be doing an updated video soon.

Aliexpress VIP Beauty V.S Virgo Hair Co.Closure

Closures has been very helpful and these are my tips and review of both closure.

Wash day: 13 weeks post Recovering from Set Back

1. Detangle my hair in 5 sections using mane &tail detangler. 

2. Shampoo with hand wash soap, garnier frutis damage shampoo and a mixed moisture shampoo,I have a lot of build up. 5 weeks post wash. wash in 6 sections with phony tails

3. DC with mega growth deep strength conditioner mix with nexxus humectress, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, loreal erase balm, mayo and a extra conditioner i just buy. heat it up for 20 sec and stay under the hooded dryer with a cap for 20 mins

4. Rinse out mix acv rinse and black tea rinse. pour it onto my scalp and hair and add a bit of conditioner.

5. Rinse and blow dry on cool air with tension method in 6 -9 sections

6. Add Ors heat protectant and flat iron in small sections. 

new growth 12 weeks post

 shed hair after 5 weeks post wash
 air dry hair
 length check, right side breakage problem area
T-shirt length check. 

 another cut, stretchin to 5 months, grow in 2 more inches and Cut again

Currently I wear a upart closure wig and I wash my hair once a month, with a deep treatment and followed by black tea & acv rinse. I use gro aut oil on my scalp, take mantabolism and do the inversion once a month.

New Hair VIP Beauty Hair affordable Aliexpress Hair Install & review

Unboxing and initial review

Installing Closure & Blending
Install of my new hair

I love this hair, it is brazilian body wave in 16,18,20 with 12 in closure. The hair is easy breezy , it holds a curls and it has a natural looks, low luster with no shedding and tangle. Im really loving this hair, it is my fav and i don't have to style this hair. 

Aliexpress Hair Review | Virgo Hair Company Update Curly to Straight review

It was fun having this hair straight but it is time to let the curls come back before i cause heat damage to this lovely hair. It was easy breezy and the curls last very long. Having the hair curly is a bit of maintenance, refreshing the curls with some spritz of water and fluffing.I like the wave patter which is not too deep.There is some tangles in the nape area but no shedding.   

Aliexpress Hair Review | VIP Beauty Brazilian Body

This is a first look at body wave brazilian this is my first time trying this style of hair. protective styling to help my hair retain 4 inches.

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GRWM: Cook Out Party

Affordable Virgin Hair | Aliexpress: Virgo Hair Company Unboxing & Intial Review

Hair Info
Virgo Hair Company Brazilian water wave 10in closure, 12, 14 ,16 inches

3/4 bundles:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Queen-Hair-Brazilian-Virgin-Hair-Extension-Mixed-3pcs-lot-300g-Water-Wave-Curly-Hair-10-26/626041_985791528.html

This hair is beautiful with it's water wave curls. Unfortunately its too too damn hot to wear curly hair. I used three bundles and it consumes my tiny head. I flat ironed it and am loving it this way. I will rock this hair in its curly state in the winter to help keep my head warm. Since my hair is flat ironed, I plan to keep it straight for a month before i wash it and let it be curly. I dont want to continue to flat iron it and make it heat damaged.  

Havana Take Down Bantu Knots Hairstyle

So the Havana twist are finally out and these are the results of my hair, Cute right? Lovely bantu knots and my hair is still soft and moisturize.

Havana Twist Marley Twist Protective Style

 Its summer time and all the braids and Twist are out in style. Any one can rock them for as long as they want. Easy maintenance and a summer break that some of our hair may need. I have my twist in for 4 weeks. I reinstalled some twist 2 times and had a great experience during take down. I never washed my hair and didn't experience any breakage.  Below are some videos how I maintain my hair at night/morning and how I styled my hair from buns to fishtail and goddess crown. 

New Hair

Styling My hair

 Morning and Night Routine

Fishtail Braid

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails Vitamins Update

These vitamins are working well for me. No complaints at all. My nail and hair is growing and my skin is doing well considering the fact I layed off the fast foods and I barely drink water. These soft gels are easy to digest and there is enough to last me into my 3rd month. I would love to try the gummie version. I herd they taste good, which is a plus. I would recommend these because of the variety and the price.

Havana Hair styles Easy and Quick

Here are some hair styles that I became creative with. I love these hair styles but I did not wear them as of yet. I think these styles are cute and they add to my twist.

Summer Collabsw/ Cocoa nina & Gina Marie

These collabs were fun I enjoyed working with these two lades. 

Havana Twist: 3 weeks so far

Three weeks into wearing my Havana twist and I miss my hair. I am worried about how my hair is holding up and my ends. I want to keep these twist in for 4 more weeks to help me stretch to 12 weeks, but my hair needs a touch up. I don't want to re-install these twist as yet and not to mention wash and detangle my hair.I am so afraid of losing unnecessary hair when it is time to take these twist out, detangle and washing. I know my hair is benefiting by having a break from manipulation, heat and not to mention the hot sun that keeps beaming on  my head. Maybe I will wash my hair next week and re-install my twist or just give my hair a break, these twist are starting to feel heavy and have a little of tension on my edges.So I apply castor oil to my edges just to thicken it up and keep my scalp free of products.I will be doing the inversion method this week and the next month so I can have that extra inch that may come out due to detangling and uninstalling these twist.

Style these twist

 These are some fun hair styles to do with any twist or braids.They are easy to do looks cute at the same time. It takes no time at all and less effort for styling.

Summer Sun Inspired Make up

 This summer make up has a pop of yellow and neutral. Check out my New Make up Channel and subscribe.

Summer Hair Havana/ Marley Jumbo Braids

I love these braids, they fit me very well and it gives my hair a break. It took me a while to install these because I was teaching myself at the same time. I plan to wear this for 4-6 weeks just to help me stretch to 12 weeks post relaxer. I am also thinking about re-installing them. They do get a bit heavy on my head and make me hot at times but this hair style if low maintenance and easy breezy

Defined Twist out ft Lotta Body Moisture Milk

I have done many twist out with eco styler gel, s-curl and other products. What makes a good defined twist out is the product you use to mold you hair into shape. Moisturizers make my hair too soft and gels can make my hair too hard if you use too much. I enjoy using my eco styler gel because it mold in hair as it dry in the twist. Now that I am trying this moisture milk, I love it. It moisturizes my hair as well as add softness and hold for my twist out. It smells amazing with a creamy texture that adds shine and moisture to your hair.

Get ready with me :New JOB

I started my New job and I work at a office at my school. So I wanted to look a little extra but still presentable.

Air dry Big Fluffy Relaxed Hair

So this is how big my hair gets after air drying it and wrapping it down with my silk scarf. I love fullness but i prefer my hair sleek. As for the summer I will lay off heat. I do find it pointless sometimes flat ironing my hair because it tends to slightly wave up on its own if its raining or humid outside. I use castor oil from time to time and I do take hair vitamins. My hair is naturally thick ,I just don't like to detangle or manipulate it when its this loud.


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wash day routine for relaxed hair

This is my wash day, since the summer has started I have become lazy with washing my hair because it takes forever. I was able to catch this clip and edit it to show you my process.

Summer outfit Idea

This is my first outfit video, excuse the wrinkle pants. I didn't think you would see it and I was beening lazy. It took alot to edit this and pick the right outfits. I even forgot to add details and close ups. Maybe next time when I have 3 hours to perfect this. Leave feed back

We are Onyx box June Month

This june box includes amazing summer essentials. Hair,skin and nails. 

Switch it up and revamp that wig

This is simple and easy and less styling time.

Get ready with me

2014 summer twist out on relaxed hair

Its Summer time and we want out hair to look cute with out making us hot. I two strand twisted my hair and curl the ends with a perm rod to make my hair curl up and be above my shoulders. This hair style can be tightly defined or loose waves depending on the size of the twist. You can also pass for natural if you please. cute simple and easy, This will be my go to hairstyle.

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I was nominated by The Real Diva, thank you for tagging me.Get to know me a bit and I hope you enjoy

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8.I can't swim
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Answers to The Real Diva
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3.what is your dream car
- I don't know yet

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5.what is your dream job
teacher,case manager

6.exercise or couch potato

7.what is your favorite handbag designer
Anne klein

8.name one hair or beauty item you cannot be without
-mane and tail detangler

9.what is your favorite fragrance
mariah carey purple purfume, forgot the name

10.eating out or your favorite home cooked meal
-favorite cooked meal

11.what is one goal you set to achieve that you haven’t achieved yet
- reach BSL, drive, learn to swim.


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It My Hair Tag

The questions:
1. Why did you start your hair journey?
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19. Do you dye your hair if so what color?
20. Who do you tag???

Summer Hairstyle Volume +Protection Banana Clip Updo

It summer time and it is hot who want to have their hair on their sweat irritated neck.
Get your banana clip out and whip your blow out hair into a voluminous hair style, tuck the ends under and still look cute at the same time. Check out this tutorial and my previous hairstyle. You want volume and protection try this style.

Relaxer Update

So I relaxed my hair and my nape and I have issues with my nape. It is broken and short by 3+ inches compare to the rest of my hair. I plan to cut my hair off 3+ inches and rock a u part , wig and whatever else I can find to protect my hair. I hope to do another 4 months stretch on my nape section only and hopefully it can catch up with the rest of my hair. I plan to trim my hair more often and keep taking the best care of my hair.

BeautyCon 2014 NEW YORK Haul+Experience

So I went to beauty con in new york, It was fun for the most part meeting youtubers.There was alot of young kids there, I felt very old like I was in the wrong place. I was expecting to see make up vendor and make up demos. I saw lot of apparel clothing vendors that was selling at high prices. There was even a huge moon bounce and dance floor. Yes not for me. I went with my friend and was walked back and forth. There was some free samples provided by revlon and maybelline. There was also a panel discussion which was not interested. Overall I would say BeautyCon was ok. I don't know what was in the PRO section and I don't care because it cost $145, so I guess getting a bag of 50+ NYX cosmetics made up for that. I had fun and thats all that matters.

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2014 Graduation Make up and Hair tutorial

This is a quick hairstyle that I thought was very cute and easy. I used my old u-part wig i made last year and curled it with my curling wand. I graduated 2010 but i wish i had these hair and make up still i have now. It makes me more excited to graduate from college now.

This make up is pretty for any cap and gown color, it is summer ready and compliments brown skin tone. This is a detailed make up tutorial so if you are new to make up , this can be a bit of help. I wish i was good at make up like this when i graduated, I would save so much money lol. I hope you guys enjoy, Share!!!!


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