Relaxer Update : Grow 2 inches in 1 month

 My hair update Video
 So for this month I used hairfinity pills and I did the invesion method. Both help your hair to grow 1 inche. I did not believe I would get 2 inches but it was worth a try and it worked. The inversion method has been working really good in giving me 1 inch I have a previous video of my first attempt Inversion Method Results #1 . I sawVictoria Vaden  video of Hairfiny month 3 Megatek and she used hairfinty and mega tek and got 2 inch in 1 month. Her results are in the video and I decided to try this with Inversion. I just started the hairfinity pills and I hope to continue to use them. I am glad to be able to double my growth with the inversion method and I hope to continue to take great care of my hair to grow it healthy.

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