Relaxer Update Hair Growth Progress

So my hair has grown and my ends have even out a bit due to my 6 months stretch at my nape. I have come to realize that the middle section and my nape grows very very slow and it caused my hair to look uneven as I kept trimming it. My hair is thick and strong. I DC with oils and make sure to add protein to my ends to keep it from weathering away. I Plan on doing the Inversion method and I hope to gain 1in each month. I am doing some research to find some hair supplements. I am thinking about Hairfinity or 

Country Life Maxi-Hair. If I do gain a Inch each month , that should put me at gazing BSL at the 

end of the year. Wish my luck. What Changes have you seen in my Update?


  1. i have the same issue with my hair, the middle takes forever! all in all your hair is healthy :)



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