Hair Update Length Check & Plan

average 14 inches

after light teim

My Plan until  late Dec, 12 weeks post is to moisturize and seal. Deep condition with oils such as olive, coconut and vitamin E oil and to only use the flat iron once a month. Blow dry 50% and 50% air dry. By 6 weeks I will make another U-Part Wig and wash bi-weekly. I hope to make it to gazing BSL. I plan to do the inversion Method once a month to gain 3 inches and take some Hair vitamins. In conjunction I am using my Fast Hair system. Wish me Luck.


  1. Looking good! I need to get to growing again. I've been maintaining at bsl for a year. Now I'm bored and ready to move on.

  2. Your hair looks healthy...
    I wish you best of Luck dear..



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