Ebay Accessory and Jewelry Haul

Item picture-$ 0.99

Item picture- $2.96 -this is some shit.

Item picture- $3.49

Item picture- $1.49

Item picture- $10.99

Item picture- $5.99+0.99

So on Ebay if you look very hard you can find some deals on almost anything, but there is always the risk of taking chances with your money. School has started and I wanted to save a little buck and help add some style to my outfits. The watch is a bit too big for me so I switched it for my mom's Rose gold watch which is the similar style. The petal necklace my sister bought as a gift but this is a very pretty necklace, The earrings are cute and the necklace are great to go with a blazer of dress. 

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