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-inversion method.

Inversion Results

Relaxer Update

Grow 1 Inch of Hair in 1 week The Inversion Method

inversion method

This is my results of the inversion method,Im glad i try it. The Green house effect has help my hair to become very soft. I did this from oct 18-oct 25. Dont forget to check out my latest relaxer update video.

Relaxer Update Hair Growth Progress

So my hair has grown and my ends have even out a bit due to my 6 months stretch at my nape. I have come to realize that the middle section and my nape grows very very slow and it caused my hair to look uneven as I kept trimming it. My hair is thick and strong. I DC with oils and make sure to add protein to my ends to keep it from weathering away. I Plan on doing the Inversion method and I hope to gain 1in each month. I am doing some research to find some hair supplements. I am thinking about Hairfinity or 

Country Life Maxi-Hair. If I do gain a Inch each month , that should put me at gazing BSL at the 

end of the year. Wish my luck. What Changes have you seen in my Update?

Ebay Accessory and Jewelry Haul

Item picture-$ 0.99

Item picture- $2.96 -this is some shit.

Item picture- $3.49

Item picture- $1.49

Item picture- $10.99

Item picture- $5.99+0.99

So on Ebay if you look very hard you can find some deals on almost anything, but there is always the risk of taking chances with your money. School has started and I wanted to save a little buck and help add some style to my outfits. The watch is a bit too big for me so I switched it for my mom's Rose gold watch which is the similar style. The petal necklace my sister bought as a gift but this is a very pretty necklace, The earrings are cute and the necklace are great to go with a blazer of dress. 

Hair Update Length Check & Plan

average 14 inches

after light teim

My Plan until  late Dec, 12 weeks post is to moisturize and seal. Deep condition with oils such as olive, coconut and vitamin E oil and to only use the flat iron once a month. Blow dry 50% and 50% air dry. By 6 weeks I will make another U-Part Wig and wash bi-weekly. I hope to make it to gazing BSL. I plan to do the inversion Method once a month to gain 3 inches and take some Hair vitamins. In conjunction I am using my Fast Hair system. Wish me Luck.


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