Attemp Making a Quick Weave

 I used my model model hair and used a stocking cap net. It came out good but the color was a bit too bright. I cut it shorter to make it a bob and I can't wait to try again and make a u part wig.

Dioara Hair initial review Peruvian deep wave

This hair is amazing, the length are suitable for me and I am loving the curl pattern.
I do need to work on my blending with the two textures. I plan to wear this wig to help me stretch my relaxer. I will wear it in its curls texture and plan to try it out straight. The hair sheds a little but I make sure to take it off at night .

Length Check Update

I plan on growing my hair out until oct to decide to have a blunt or semi even cut. The left side of my hair is healthy it is just a couple of strands that are extremely long, I am keeping these hair so that I can know what it is like to have mid back length hair and Bsl length hair. What it looks like in the front and the back. I am hoping that my hair reaches to bsb by Oct for my birthday so I can give it a good cut. By Dec when I am almost 6 month stretch at my nape I will try my best to flat iron my hair to get a good look at what my hair length is. I will do the inversion method and maybe buy some hair supplements.

journey to waist length hair

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August Hair goals

***GOALS FOR 2013***
-- Reach FULL BSL by DECEMBER 2013♥
-- Reduce breakage
-- Use less heat (once a month, if possible)
-- Maintain thickness/even ends
-- Focus on damaged areas of hair ie Nape and Edges
-- Increase edges’ thickness
-- Maintain moisture/protein balance
-- Learn how to make a wig
-- Take hair supplements. 


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