6 months stretch at Nape Results

nov 18 2012
 nov 18, 2013

results 6 months post relaxer

6 months post relaxer

stretched out

flat ironed out 6/23/2013
new growth and some reversion.

I plan to relax in july and hope to gain 3 inches from my relaxer stretch at my nape. 
I started this because when I relax my hair length checks would be completely off and out of place. I would have see through ends and eveness. My nape seemed to stay at the same length so i decided to put this plan into effect and see where it shall take me. I plan to do this again from july to december. 


  1. So u were only stretching ur nape? Ie: relaxing the rest of your hair like normal? Whichever it was ur progress already is clear and amazing. Keep it up n good luck!

  2. Great progress. How was you treating your nape since you wasnt relaxing it with the rest of your hair.


    1. deep condition and ms and be very very gentle.

  3. Great results, keep up the good work!



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