Mac Riri Hearts Summer collection

Every thing came in order except for riri boy
it melted

Riri boy and Heaux

RiRi boy and Heaux

 RiRi boy depoted and melted in a jar
RiRi boy under flash
Hoochie lip tar,Maybebeline vivids brazen berry and  Riri boy
I wanted to give away the RiRi boy but instead ima give away the luster drop. I love the extra dimension in shape the future it has a berry tint and shine reflect. Both sides can be used together or separate. Heaux is a nice red berry color. Since it is retro matte, is is not so bold and in your face. Overall I love the items I bought. Maybe next time I will stack the mailman like crazy so my items dont melt. 

Video explaining what happened. 


  1. Love the red and I ♥ your nails. :-)

  2. Good haul! It stinks that one of the lipsticks melted... :( did you get a refund?
    Follow me back?
    -Jenna <3



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