Vacation: Turks and Cacios, A view of Provo

 So this is the beautiful island of Turks and Caicos, Provodenciales. The temp was pretty warm and cool at nights. I stay with my boyfriend and his family. I visit the downtown shopping area and had dinner at gram malsa. It was an Indian restaurant.I saw the public school and school children, local beach and park. I went into the pharmacy and grocery store. Everything is pretty much the same just like the US. They use US currency and tax free. Spending time with my boyfriend family was amazing. They made me feel right at home. They were very funny and teased me alot for the most part lol (laught out loud).I hope to return in the summer time. Prices range from $350-480 Nonstop with JetBlue and only 3hrs from JFK New York.Check out my instagram and facebook fan page for more pics.


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