Lorac UnZip Palette

I used this palette for my cousin wedding and it was amazing perfect color for everyone. There wasn't much fall out and with the maybeline color tattoo base omg amazing. i started at 2pm and the colors stayed on until 12 om. There is a mix of shimmer and mattes perfect for blending out harsh lines.This is perfect if u want to stay natural with a lil pop of dramatic touch. I payed $42 for this , It is comparable to the Lorac Pro palette and the Naked 1&2 Not every color but the important colors for brown skin girls. 


  1. Ive been eyeing this palette for a while now, thanks for the review, great colour payoff. Its between this one and the pro palette for me... hmn decisions, decisions!

    1. this is nice because the size is bigger, the lorac pro is kinda messy too.



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