Tag: My Dream

1. What's your Occupation?
 -Elementary Teacher and  Freelance MAC Make up Artist

2. Where do you live?
-Turks and Cacios/Guyana: Vacation 

3.Favorite thing to do?
-Blog,Make Lesson Plans, Shopping, Skyping family member

4.Who's your best friend?
-Karina ,Thuthao,Simone

5.Any kids?
-2 kids

6.Are you married?
- yes 

7.Do you live in a mansion, apartment, condo or house?
-House, working on rented house in guyana

8.Favorite vacation
-Grenada,Turks and Caicos, Trinidad,Guyana

9.Are you happy?
-Yes celebrating anniversaries and birthdays,Saving for funds, little Stress with bills, kids fighting with each other

10.Are you still on youtube?
-Yes maintaing waist length hair, showing hairstyles for kids with my daughter. Doing some Make up tutorial and  haul.

11.Greatest Accomplishment ?
-Have my  Teaching & Make up Degree, Putting downpayments on my house, Having my first child, a mother.

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