Exercise fitness:Bigger booty and thighs plan

Monday, Wednesday  and Friday
I do these exercise 40 times one each exercise after the other,
 I do the one with the chair in front kicking backwards.
 the one standing up kicking to the side
,dog style kicking backwards. 
open legs close laying down, and 
chair position on the wall for a few mins.
  this is my first week complete. 
 Wonder how long will i start seeing results and hopefully i take pic to see results.
 i eat about 1300- 1500 calories 5'2. 
End Goal :I want to increase my butt and thigh size!!!!!
By increasing muscle size it can help me gain weight.  I look at these videos to help me. Excuse her minimal clothes.
 Im straight but thats her way of showing results. 

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  1. I've been researching butt workouts. I've down similar workouts to these on fitness blender. Check them out on youtube.



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