12+ weeks O_0 Can I make it to 16 wks ?

So background info, I used a rinse to make my hair red and baggy method for  the previous week. So I cowashed yesterday and it was HELL. My hair was clumping and getting matted causing breakage. I cowashed and my hair was flowing in the water like butter but when I air dry and try to detangle HELL once again so i tried my best and braided my hair. My hair is also shedding because I see white bulbs at the end. I took a  moment to think and ponder on relaxing. I haven't used heat in prob 2/3 weeks. So I went home and did that exactly. My new growth is so tangled no wonder it was difficult to detangle. My hair was much better to comb through after flat ironing. I added cream to my scalp also and it helped my hair much.
Lesson learn: Moisture Overload. Must keep my scalped oiled and keep my protein up.
WHY: Aphogee green tea spray is done.Gro aut oil is done.
Plan: continue to stretch buy aphogee and a growth aid oil, wanna try liquid gold also buy split ender. I already have broken strands trimming will at least help some and prevent more set back.


  1. when i am getting deep into stretches, i do a few things. ONE, before every wash i will take time and comb out my entire head, roots included. i take my time and detangle. TWO, i proceed to shampoo OR OPTION B, I apply my protein mayo on my dry hair before washing. this helps me greatly. hth!

  2. I agree with Alexis...it's very helpful to take the time to detangle when deep into a stretch. Lately since I am at 7 months, I apply deep conditioner mixed with oils to my roots and ends. It makes it so much easier to detangle my hair before washing. Good luck on your hair journey!



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