12+ weeks O_0 Can I make it to 16 wks ?

So background info, I used a rinse to make my hair red and baggy method for  the previous week. So I cowashed yesterday and it was HELL. My hair was clumping and getting matted causing breakage. I cowashed and my hair was flowing in the water like butter but when I air dry and try to detangle HELL once again so i tried my best and braided my hair. My hair is also shedding because I see white bulbs at the end. I took a  moment to think and ponder on relaxing. I haven't used heat in prob 2/3 weeks. So I went home and did that exactly. My new growth is so tangled no wonder it was difficult to detangle. My hair was much better to comb through after flat ironing. I added cream to my scalp also and it helped my hair much.
Lesson learn: Moisture Overload. Must keep my scalped oiled and keep my protein up.
WHY: Aphogee green tea spray is done.Gro aut oil is done.
Plan: continue to stretch buy aphogee and a growth aid oil, wanna try liquid gold also buy split ender. I already have broken strands trimming will at least help some and prevent more set back.

Hair Color Update

I used a rinse so the color only shows up in the sun light.

Eyes of the Day: Cream Soda

mac nw45 powder plus foundation
Wet N' Wild bikini contest
Elf Gotta glow blush
Elf Pressed Foundation Powder coco
Elf Set and Mist Spray

maybeline blackest black gel eye liner
120 tmart palette
 Revlon eye brighter and primer

jordana brow brown pencil
NYX tan concealer

Foundation Finder.

Forget squinting at tiny beige colour swatches on the screen. There’s a better way to choose your new foundation AND pick the perfect shade.
Findation is a global project launched in 2012, creating the world’s largest usable database of matching foundation colours.
Simply enter two foundation shades that you use and are happy with, and we will show you your perfect shade in any other product. In the world. Without needing to go into a store and try them on.

Exercise fitness:Bigger booty and thighs plan

Monday, Wednesday  and Friday
I do these exercise 40 times one each exercise after the other,
 I do the one with the chair in front kicking backwards.
 the one standing up kicking to the side
,dog style kicking backwards. 
open legs close laying down, and 
chair position on the wall for a few mins.
  this is my first week complete. 
 Wonder how long will i start seeing results and hopefully i take pic to see results.
 i eat about 1300- 1500 calories 5'2. 
End Goal :I want to increase my butt and thigh size!!!!!
By increasing muscle size it can help me gain weight.  I look at these videos to help me. Excuse her minimal clothes.
 Im straight but thats her way of showing results. 

Hair Challenge Stretch: 15 weeks post

So I plan on stretching my relaxer to 15 weeks post in order to help me retain extra length and make me feel alot closer to bsl. I had a detangling disaster last week and im sure that caused some damage to my ends. I need to get a trim when I relax and recolor/rinse my hair for an over all better appearance. In order to help me stretch
1. NO Heat week1-4
2. Baggy method everyday for 1hr
3. Drink water
4.Take Fish oil
5. limit manipulation with comb.
6. massage  scalp
1st weeks bun my hair.
2nd week combo braid out and bun
3rd week bun with clip ins
4th week optional, straight with flat iron for prep of relaxer last day.

Dupe alert Naked 2 Vs. Mally in the Buff

 Retail Price $50 Naked
Retail Price Mally in Buff $45s/p at QVC

 Mally in Buff

It's all about me, myself, and eye. Stand out from the crowd with the help of this fabulous eye shadow palette. Each stunning color works together with the other shades to create anything from a natural look to a glam-smoky look. The browns, bronzes, and taupes are always on trend and never overdone. From Mally Beauty.

  • 0.1-oz eye shadow base
  • 0.4-oz palette with 11 eye shadows in Au Natural, Bubbly, Buff, Tiger's-Eye, Cappuccino, Shimmering Taupe, Brownstone, Oak, Egyptian Gold, Toast, and Chocolate Diamond
  • Double-ended effortless airbrush eye shadow brush
  • Made in Canada/China
This naked piece of perfection is an eleven piece palette that features natural shades of brown, bronze, and taupe for a super natural look for Fall.
It also includes a Double Ended Shadow Brush and Eye Base

Eyes Of the Day: Pistol bullet

mac nw45 powder plus foundation
Wet N' Wild bikini contest
Elf Gotta glow blush
Elf Pressed Foundation Powder coco
Elf Set and Mist Spray

maybeline blackest black gel eye liner
120 tmart palette
 Revlon eye brighter and primer

jordana brow brown pencil
NYX tan concealer

Kiss lipstick Natural Beige

Hair Mistake

So I was reading Longing 4 length :Prevention versus Retention Post. She made a good point about waiting until damage occurs to then try to fix your hair. I made the same mistake not too long a while ago and now I'm facing the consequences. I posted." I tried doing the waiting experience with washing my hair and epic fail. my scalp itched so bad and I was out of town. Never again will I wait two weeks. Laziness got me here. My scalp still itches, but I'm hoping to get it back to feeling better. I oil it just to sooth my scalp.
It seems like the situation is getting worse. I about a weeks and couple of days and my crown is on fire.

Tmart 10 lashes review.

Tmart lashes :these lashes are amazing, they are very long. the beginning is short and then lengthens towards the end. They are 10 lashes.Very strong and not breakable. It can be cut to one desire shape.When applied they lash all day. 

This is the shape with bands on the side.


Review: Tmart120 pallet

                     Compare to Bh cosmetics 88 palette same size
This is my First 120 pallet. there is a wide variety of colors to choose from. The colors are very pigmented. Using my eyeshadow primer  from revlon and Nyx jumbo pencil in milk my eye shadows are given an additional pop of color. This is pallet has shimmer ,satin, matte and a selected range of cool and warm color. The matte color are beautiful because they are available in red, black, green, yellow and orange and many more.If you want color buy this pallet. There is so much to choose from the possibility is endless

wide range of color, color are true to match,pigmented.

powdery , some will fade away fast.  some does not adhere to base unless using concealers

price $19

Haul: Wet N' Wild, NYC, Tmart

This reminds me of the 88 palette , some eyeshadows are matte, shimmer and satin. Great variety of color. 

These colors are very metallic it goes great with a mixing medium or using a damp brush. Great colors from cool to warm.

This blush has golden undertone shimmers and it is very pigmented. Lightly applied it has a baby pink touch, heavily applied it has more of a deep  red touch. It is very soft

lipsticks that are a most, I love the purple-plum lipstick, First time wearing a vampy color like that and i love it.added with Revlon lilac pastel has ha a blue undertone effect added. The other baby pink and peach are light great for close to nudes.

These extras are for a upcoming give away. Stay tune.

Tag: My Dream

1. What's your Occupation?
 -Elementary Teacher and  Freelance MAC Make up Artist

2. Where do you live?
-Turks and Cacios/Guyana: Vacation 

3.Favorite thing to do?
-Blog,Make Lesson Plans, Shopping, Skyping family member

4.Who's your best friend?
-Karina ,Thuthao,Simone

5.Any kids?
-2 kids

6.Are you married?
- yes 

7.Do you live in a mansion, apartment, condo or house?
-House, working on rented house in guyana

8.Favorite vacation
-Grenada,Turks and Caicos, Trinidad,Guyana

9.Are you happy?
-Yes celebrating anniversaries and birthdays,Saving for funds, little Stress with bills, kids fighting with each other

10.Are you still on youtube?
-Yes maintaing waist length hair, showing hairstyles for kids with my daughter. Doing some Make up tutorial and  haul.

11.Greatest Accomplishment ?
-Have my  Teaching & Make up Degree, Putting downpayments on my house, Having my first child, a mother.


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