School Is Here: Hair Styling Need inspiration.

So School is next week and I will be 8 weeks post. I have been so lazy with my hair one week I do straight buns in different direction. Then the next week I flat iron my hair and let it down. I feel like I need some flexibility to my hair. When I started my hair Journey I was trying out all sorts of hair style. Flat twist, Braid outs, Twist out and Flexi rods. I gave away my heated curling rods to my sister, I kinda think it was a mistake now I regret. Wonder if she uses it as much as I did. It gave me bouncy pin curls. I would do a braid out or twist out but that means braiding for 20-30 mins since my hair is so thick and hoping to have a decent results. I can't use my current moisturizer because it weighs my hair down so my best bet is on fresh washed hair. And we all know After a twist out ect ,next is the easy bun.Thinking of investing in a wig that is styled so  it can cut down my morning hours and be super easy. I won free weave last weeks so hopefully I can make clip ins and pre curl them for some style.

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