live tutorial: Glam Curls

I used the remington curling wand to achieve this. It works both on short and long hair. It heats up very fast and comes with a glove to protect your hand from burning. The size is slim ,I think 1 inch or 1 and a half. I have not used this curling wand on my hair yet. I used this on my sister and mom hair. You can create bantu knot( china bumps) like curls with this ,or spiral curls with this.

Holiday Look; Gold Bells

Graftobian foundatioin palette soft amber and pecan
Elf mauve blush
Elf Gotta glow blush
Elf Pressed Foundation Powder coco
Elf Set and Mist Spray

Lorac unzipp palette
Hip Duo Flamboyant
Maybelline color tattoo gold shimmer
 Revlon eye brighter and primer

jordana brow brown pencil
NYX tan concealer

Kiss lipstick magenta
Wet N Wild 908 C

Deep condition with shea naturals

This is creamy, light scent and it very thick. At first I saw the texture I said to my self wow this is thick. It has a weird smell not pleasant. I section my hair into four parts apply and detangle. I put my shower cap on my head and started reading reviews.
BIG MISTAKE don't wait after to read reviews. Basically everyone said it did nothin and they used it for other purpose..So after half an hour later, I said to my self ok dess let's wash this out I'm not seeing anything good. So I wash and omg Wtf I could have slap my self. What is this. Did I just put Grease on my hair , nothing I tell you. I look at the ingredients and Wooo dupe moisturizer. All natural and oils. Disappointed but ima try this out as a moisturizer and see how it goes. This is my first time buying shea naturals. Leave a comment your fav product.

Liebster Award Nomination

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Nape Issue

 Slowly but surely woking on finally it has reached sl length. What are some tips for growing your nape longer. I am using liquid gold hair oil to promote growth.

Glam holiday look: Pine Green

Graftobian foundatioin palette soft amber and pecan
Elf Gotta glow blush
Elf Pressed Foundation Powder coco
Elf Set and Mist Spray

maybeline blackest black gel eye liner
120 tmart palette
 Revlon eye brighter and primer

jordana brow brown pencil
NYX tan concealer

Kiss lipstick Natural Beige

Christmas wish list

real techniques face brush $18

Naked 2 palette $50

Mayebelline color tattoo $7

Youtube Update and Journey

Its been two year no and I can't believe I am at 1,150 subs thank You all that support my channel and leave comments on my videos. It means alot and I am always glad to help when someone asks me questions. We are her to learn from one another and prosper. 

Hair info On Hairlista

Now Dec 2012

Eyes of the night: holiday delight

Cranberry and egg nog holiday look
 Eyes:120 palette
Nyc concealer
EBay lashes
Elf mascara
sorry bad quality this is via my phone posted on instagram. follow me @dessluvsgt

Hair pyramid

This is a perfect example of how yo practice healthy hair journey

Make up kit Building. NYX LIP GLOSS PALETTE

Im really loving this pallet, the color is an exact match shown. Depending on the the color , each lipgloss has a different texture. some take long to mix and some are creamy right off the back. The pigmentation is fab. Im glad I bought the red and neutral pallet perfect for elegant looks and for balancing out flashy eye.The size if portable and not too bulky. Some of the lip glosses are creamy like lipstick. I used an independent palette to test my mom because I gave it to her. I just need a steel palette to scoop and then apply, just for sanitary purposes.These palettes were discontinued  but i found them on ebay.  I trusted this better than the 88 lipgloss palette just for size purposes and pigmentation. Looked at many blog reviews and the NYX was good

Make up kit Building: Graftobian Foundation Palette

 left side (foundation) Right (none)
Colors are pigmented and creamy. It has great coverage medium to full . Small size great for traveling. Great variety of colors from light to deep dark skin tone.It gives a dewy finish, can come off as oily, but with a great setting powder that can be fixed. It does transfer so investing in a good setting powder i must search for. A little bit will go a long way, just have to choose the right color and blend. 

Make up kit Building: Lashes

These lashes give me life,I love how they give my eyes a curly look. It is not too long and not too thick. The structure is a crescent and I like that because it is shorter at the ends and longer at the middle.  These lashes took about 2 weeks from Taiwan and I ordered on eBay. I really love these lashes, this is my first time getting these styles of lashes and I look forwards to buying similar types. I have a lot so when I do make up, I am set.

New Hair color: Jet Black

I was getting tired of my red hair cuz as it faded it was looking rusty and since it is fall I wanted to go darker. I love black because when you seal your hair ,the shine is just amazing. I used carson soft Sheen Dark and lovely. I really like this color rinse because it came with instructions and a leave in treatment pack. It can be used on the same day as relaxers.

Q&A Hair Help

If a person oil there hair not scalp will it help with growth?
- No it does not help with growth. The person is just sealing their hair,locking in moisture if they moisturized their hair before. If the person has dry scalp then sure it helps to relieve that but as for promoting growth that depends what is in the oil when it is applied to the scalp. Apply it to the scalp is effective in promoting growth for example gro aut oil. Applying oil to the hair strand is just creating a barrier to protect the hair. 

Make up kit Building:10 Color Cheek Blusher Palette

 The color payoff is pigmented. The shimmer colors are not so pigmented but serve more as a highlighting color. Bought this on ebay for $12.99. The packaging is sleek great for traveling. The darker colors are great for women of color to warm the face up. A dense brush will pick the colors up more. Some color are hit and miss but it depends on the complexion of the person. I love the red and pinks. Adding my elf gotta glow blush with the orange blush it looked beautiful almost like orgasm.Adding my gotta glow blush to any blush gives it a duo color. The gotta glow gives a white gold undertone. 


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