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Here's a real collector's item: You'll be tempted to amass your own sensational color library of richly pigmented eye shadows. These pressed mineral eye shadows pack a color punch, are easy to blend and last for many hours.
- Size: 3.5 oz. total (set of 6)
- Colors: Hot Yellow, Orange, Seafoam Green, Violetta, Kiss in Casablanca, Cool Blue
- For ingredients, see "Show more"
- Imported

NYX Cosmetics

Over the Rainbow Single Eyeshadow Set recieved package

                                                 swatch on my bare hands
                                                                  swatch with Nyx white base.
  At first when you look at the image you would expect to get a mustard yellow but not for this case.I hate this color its called Hot yellow, the pigmentation sucks, I think if the eyeshadow did not have glitter inside it , i probably would be able to pick up some of the pigments. I tried using my fingers and i got nothing. Usually when you use your fingers to pick up eyeshadow , that is when you tell if the product is pigmented. My elf eyeshadow brush didn't even get a lick from I will have to depot this is remake the eyeshadow.

 I taught violetta was going to be a deep purple but it  is a soft purple color with a frost texture. It has a little of sparkles to it but not too much.This is the softest purple i have ever seen. This seems like one of those purple eyeshadow that i would wear to school without wondering if the shadow is too loud. 

 This color looks at thought it would be a teal color but it has more green than teal to it. This color has a slight sky blue look to it when reflected in the light. It is very pigmented with light sparkles. I can already tell that i won't need to tap my brush into this eyeshadow much. A little goes a long way for this eyeshadow. This green is a perfect combination with Wet N' wild comfort zone define color. 

 I was really looking forward to this burnt reddish orange color but it is very pigmented with more of a peach color then a true orange. it has shimmers that gives it that peachy look. A little of this will go a long way. This is perfect for summer combination colors and as a multi use it would be perfect as a blush to give a bronzed  highlighted look.

Why didn't they just called this midnight blue. This is also a pigmented eyeshadow perfect for doing out at night. A  little of this will certainly go a loooong way. It doesn't have much of a relfect to it or shimmers. Applied wet it would look satin like. I can't wait to try this color. It is BOLD for me but im ready to rock it.

This is eactly as it looks when you look at the sky you see the same color. It is pigmented and with just a dap you are already picking up alot of product.This is a good combination with Kiss in Casablanca if your going for that all over blue look. Another bold color, I wish the yellow was just as pigmented as this. Its a matte color also, first time i find pigmented matte color that is easily lifted. I hope to find a matte eyeshadow llike this in red, yellow and a true orange. 

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