laugh of the day: Cute puppy

This is so cute and funny at the same time.

Black Soap

 This is my first pure natural black soap. It leaves my skin dry a little, and if i leave it on too long it burns/tingle. I can't wait to try the Nubian black soap. I use another brand like it. I wish i learned about black soap around  15 yrs old. My acne is not bad but i just needed to know how to mange it and keep it clear of breakouts. The only problem i have is the left over acne scars. The only time i have break outs is when i am getting on my monthly.  I have combination skin and i use clinique moisturizing lotion. i love it because it doesn't leave my skin greasy but balanced after i wash it.  I  use Yogi  Skin detox tea.

One year Hair journey. NL-APL

 by the 3rd photo a i started using the hairdrenaline potion and i has helped me alot. 3 blue lines can be counted. Thanks everyone and hairlista.


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