10 random personal questions Tagg

1.Who's the one person you can always talk to
-No one at the momment but i my cousin.
2.what are you wearing right now?
Tank top wit sweat pants
3.Are you a "big spender" or a "budget holder"?
-i am a budget holder, Im a libra always have to have a balance.lol
4.What is your favorite store to shop(category doesn't matter)?
-H& M, Charlotte Russe, Ross & Marshalls
5.Do you do your own hair?
-Yes i do everything from braid to curls.
6.If you could change on thing about the world what would it be?
-Health Care , so that it can be available to all.
7.How do you spoil yourself?
-Buying make up and Hair products or accessories 
8.Are you in love currently?
9.What's the one thing you would tell those who look up to you?
Time will tell all your answers. Look at others mistake so u don't do the same.
10.What's your fave fashion trend 

Relaxed Basic Top

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