I feel hurt :( is it so hard to believe

My sister came over to my house today so that my mom can perm her hair, and she asks me if my hair is fake, if u have hair extensions. I know she was just playing but in reality when i do have BSl or maybe MBL length i will have to deal with haters out there that will say my hair is fake because they can't believe with their own two eyes that Black females, mix or not can actually have long hair.Some times when i come on here i feel like it's a fairytale world where all my inspiration comes from. Seeing females/males progress each day from Nl-APL,BSL,MBL & WL. I am currely 2 in from APL but sometimes i don't know if i will be able to have the hard shell to handle the haters in the future. It makes me feel so sad when we doubt each other and put each other down. Knowledge about haircare has brought me a far way but ITS FUNNY HOW WE ARE QUICK TO BUY PRODUCTS THAT CLAIM OUR HAIR WILL GROW FAST, BUT IT TAKES US AN ETERNITY TO LISTEN TO SOMEONE THAT KNOWS ABOUT HAIR CARE JUST GIVEN SIMPLE ADVICE.

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