Hairdrenaline potion arrival

So the hair potion in my description is very thick like castor oil and it has a coconut oil burn smell or corn bread burnt smell to it. It can weigh your hair down over time and cause some itches to the scalp. from my understanding itch = growth. I used the potion in my scalp last night and i did not feel anything just a slight tingle at my nape in the back and the front of my head. I will use this every night with a plastic bag over my head for the green house effect and see where the rest of the potion takes me.On hairlista  our challenge will run from may 10th to June 30 I am a week and 4 days late.   I will go until the first week in july. I will post some pic of what my hair looks like now and post a update in two weeks. I hope this potion works for me.

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