Guyana Day

Eyes: 88 palette ,Nyx eye shadow base

Today is Guyanese Independence Day so i just wanted to add my little make up works, I hope everyone back home is celebrating. I wish i can be back home but im here enjoying the little i have.I can't Wait for carnival weekend. I m thinking about doing the same make up look but then again ,it will be hot and sweaty . #not a good look.

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge

Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.
1)Take responsibility
2) Clean the house
3)Finish school assignments on time
4)Be organized
5)Stay away from electronics
8) Read the bible.

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge

Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.
1)Ignorant people
2)Late text reply
3)Loud People
5)Being broke
6)Youtube thumbnails 
7)Anything Dirty
8) Bossy people

I feel hurt :( is it so hard to believe

My sister came over to my house today so that my mom can perm her hair, and she asks me if my hair is fake, if u have hair extensions. I know she was just playing but in reality when i do have BSl or maybe MBL length i will have to deal with haters out there that will say my hair is fake because they can't believe with their own two eyes that Black females, mix or not can actually have long hair.Some times when i come on here i feel like it's a fairytale world where all my inspiration comes from. Seeing females/males progress each day from Nl-APL,BSL,MBL & WL. I am currely 2 in from APL but sometimes i don't know if i will be able to have the hard shell to handle the haters in the future. It makes me feel so sad when we doubt each other and put each other down. Knowledge about haircare has brought me a far way but ITS FUNNY HOW WE ARE QUICK TO BUY PRODUCTS THAT CLAIM OUR HAIR WILL GROW FAST, BUT IT TAKES US AN ETERNITY TO LISTEN TO SOMEONE THAT KNOWS ABOUT HAIR CARE JUST GIVEN SIMPLE ADVICE.

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge

Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.
3)Long hair(covet)
4)Clear skin (covet)
6)Make Up(covet)

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge

Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself. 
1) Guyanese,
3)long hair
4) short size

Hairdrenaline potion arrival

So the hair potion in my description is very thick like castor oil and it has a coconut oil burn smell or corn bread burnt smell to it. It can weigh your hair down over time and cause some itches to the scalp. from my understanding itch = growth. I used the potion in my scalp last night and i did not feel anything just a slight tingle at my nape in the back and the front of my head. I will use this every night with a plastic bag over my head for the green house effect and see where the rest of the potion takes me.On hairlista  our challenge will run from may 10th to June 30 I am a week and 4 days late.   I will go until the first week in july. I will post some pic of what my hair looks like now and post a update in two weeks. I hope this potion works for me.

Nicki Minaj Super Bass Look

This is my inspired Super Bass look i did just a combination of what suited me.
 I used my Hip in due flamboyant Yellow/gold color and my Bh 88 yellows both of them& brown
I use my Elf eye liner and a sand color to highlight my brow bone. Finish of my look with
 Revlon colorstay and my pink lip gloss and hot pink combined together.

Revlon Colorstay Vs Maybeline Dream Liquid Mousse.

So this is my review on the product. Revlon colorstay is a perfect match for my skin and it gives me a medium coverage.There was no caking or a dry face appearance. It stayed on for the 4/5 hours i was out for my reunion. I like the range of colors to choose from and the skin type formula since i have combination skin . Compare to the liquid mousse my face looks Dry and ashy like almost like chalk and it doesn't blend into my neck line. There is only about 3-4 colors to choose from.Here is a compared side by side of the products.

Relaxer Update

So i relaxed my hair at 7 wks post because i had some major new growth. I love the relaxer profectiv because it is creamy and does not burn my hair at all. smooth silky finish. I am very close to being APL so by my next relaxer i should be there. I will try the Oh valerie potion, hopefully i get a lot of growth. I have come a far way so im proud. One thing i learned to be easy on the trimming and protect my ends.Thanks to hairlista and kiss i have learned how to take care of my hair and retain length. I hope to be MBL soon.  

Review time

I got a new moisturizer,and its ranking in the Top 3.This leaves my hair very soft and moisturized. It has a creamy/watery consistency but it doesn't weigh my hair down at all . It does not leave a crunchy feeling the next day. This is great for stretching because my new growth becomes soft. This does not increase thickness, which is a plus. Im will be using this is the summer time and when i am beyond 4 weeks post to help my new growth.

Berry & Gold Make up

Products used: Hip Duo in flamboyant ,Nyx -orange pearl
This is a nice blend of colors great for a purple outfit or gold outfit.
Base: Nyx jumbo pencil milk
Shadow: Hip Duo 
NYX orange pearl
black eye liner

Silver Smokey eye

Products used, BH comestics 88 palette and jumbo stick in black bean.This is a great look for prom or a night out somewhere special.Two simple color blended with dark brown to make a smooth transition.
Base: Nyx Jumbo Milk
Shadow: BH 88 silver and Nyx black bean

Curl Amazing

So i decided to do a curly pin curl style using my remington hot curlers. Its is very easy and it is rubber so no burnt hands. It takes about a min to  heat up and gives me lovely can go both ways with or without heat.i can't when my hair gets longer then my curls will look like spirals.


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