Embarrassed because of my so call friend.

So here is the setting, my so called friend and i with my other friends was in the computer room waiting on the 3rd person to finish printing her paper. Friend X had a snow cone and pilled it onto a sheet on paper that was on the table next to the printer. Assuming no one puts their paper on that table because it is usually trash, friend X decided to throw away the paper with the cone stain. Now owner of the paper comes in the room looking for the paper and doesn't see it. While friend X still has the snow cone in her hand. The owner looks in the trash can and THERE WAS THE EVIDENCE. Friend X decides to ask me to hold the snow cone for her. Assuming she was about to do something , tie her shoe.idk . Now im thinking hold a min. Once the owner looks up she will see me with the cone and her paper. OMG I have to Hide , I need to get OUT. Talk about embarrassing Not only did i look like a fool, but i was made into one. I will never forget this way. I just grabbed the snow cone out of a nice instinct , she needs help sure i will hold it. WRONG!!!! . LESSON learn your kindness will be taken for granted and you will never know who will use you for their faults.

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