Cayenne Pepper and Olive Oil

So i tried the combination on my nape and front nape. It made the back of my head warm a little bit and a little of stimulation. I didn't feel bad at all, no irration. Cayenne pepper is noted to stimulate blood flow which will stimulate hair growth. I put the oil in my scalp and then put a plastic bag over my head, within a few mins i felt the  stimulation. I saw somewhere online the if you do the oil treatment on a regular then it will promote hair growth but when you stop, hair growth goes back to normal.Ima try this for the next 3/4 week since im 5 weeks post and see how it helps with growth. Im interested in the hair potion by ohvalarie, castor oil,black tea, cayenne pepper and biotin.I used biotin before and it made me breakout like crazy, now i have to pay for that. Having that soaked up in my head seems weird,but i guess it wont hurt to try it. Update will be posted every week or a description of what i experience.

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