Embarrassed because of my so call friend.

So here is the setting, my so called friend and i with my other friends was in the computer room waiting on the 3rd person to finish printing her paper. Friend X had a snow cone and pilled it onto a sheet on paper that was on the table next to the printer. Assuming no one puts their paper on that table because it is usually trash, friend X decided to throw away the paper with the cone stain. Now owner of the paper comes in the room looking for the paper and doesn't see it. While friend X still has the snow cone in her hand. The owner looks in the trash can and THERE WAS THE EVIDENCE. Friend X decides to ask me to hold the snow cone for her. Assuming she was about to do something , tie her shoe.idk . Now im thinking hold a min. Once the owner looks up she will see me with the cone and her paper. OMG I have to Hide , I need to get OUT. Talk about embarrassing Not only did i look like a fool, but i was made into one. I will never forget this way. I just grabbed the snow cone out of a nice instinct , she needs help sure i will hold it. WRONG!!!! . LESSON learn your kindness will be taken for granted and you will never know who will use you for their faults.

Cayenne Pepper and Olive Oil

So i tried the combination on my nape and front nape. It made the back of my head warm a little bit and a little of stimulation. I didn't feel bad at all, no irration. Cayenne pepper is noted to stimulate blood flow which will stimulate hair growth. I put the oil in my scalp and then put a plastic bag over my head, within a few mins i felt the  stimulation. I saw somewhere online the if you do the oil treatment on a regular then it will promote hair growth but when you stop, hair growth goes back to normal.Ima try this for the next 3/4 week since im 5 weeks post and see how it helps with growth. Im interested in the hair potion by ohvalarie, castor oil,black tea, cayenne pepper and biotin.I used biotin before and it made me breakout like crazy, now i have to pay for that. Having that soaked up in my head seems weird,but i guess it wont hurt to try it. Update will be posted every week or a description of what i experience.

Check out

Check out this video, she is awsome, her personality will lift your spirit and she has a funny accent that adds to her personality. I like the fact that she brings the viewer into the video. Its like your right next to her and saying "yeah yeah" very down to earth  person. Please check this chica out. Im glad i found her and it takes a lot of browsing to find special people like her.

The Make Up World

So the IMAT show will be performing at New York this year there is so many companies that are going to be there, i thought Mac would be there. Guess i need to do my research and see who owns mac lol if any do.(Estee lauder does) I saw Inglot & Stila. I knew about them but the list goes on. I Think this is the beginning of exploring make up companies all over the world, There is so many out there, this is the window i was looking for NOW ITS TIME TO EXPLORE.
-Research:EL also owns clinique, origins, prescriptives, bobbi brown, stila, and
-Academy of Freelance Makeup—AOFM
-Blinc Inc.
-Cailyn Cosmetics
-Cici Fashion Brush
-Confidential Brushes
-Cozzette Inc.
-Evalash Eyelash Extensions
-Eve Pearl
-Eye Kandy Cosmetics
-Glamcor LLC
-Graftobian Makeup Company
-Hakuhodo USA
-Iredale Mineral Cosmetics
-Jesse's Girl Cosmetics
-Kett Cosmetics
-LA Splash Cosmetics
-Lit Cosmetics
-The London Brush Company & NC2
-Make-Up Artist magazine
-Make-up Designory
-Mehron Inc.
-Miss Adoro Eyelashes
-Monda Studio / Nigel Beauty Emporium
-Myrabelle Mascara Shield
-Naimie's Beauty Center / Burman Industries
-Naked Cosmetics
-Nurturing Force
-Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics(Queen on Blending)
-Royal & Langnickel Brush
-Temptu Pro
-Wolfe Face Art & FX
-Yaby Cosmetics
-Züca, Inc.

Guyanese Tag

Finally i found a look that matches the Guyanese flag, i probably did over 5 looks trying to find something that looks descent and presentable for carnival festival.I am so happy ,it wasn't hard and the colors goes together great. I used my 88 palette in red, white and green. I used the yellow from my hip duo in flaybomyant. NYX jumbo pencil in milk, as a base and my angle eye liner brush and crease brush from essence of beauty. I love those brushes, it was just what i needed.


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