So i probably being on this journey for maybe 3 years. It was some what good in the beginning but i was still confused. Then my 3rd year i made a stupid mistake of bleaching my hair, well that wasn't the mistake because i took care of it. My mistake was spraying sun in to my hair before a perm and my edges broke off. So i took had to start all over. My nape grows the slowest so its always the shortest and my sides grows the fastest so its always long. This creates a problem because i hate seeing a uneven not alone short nape seeing thru hair. Now about a 2 weeks ago i did not have any aphogee products so my hair was breaking like crazy and since i have been using s- curl and Castor oil my hair has become over thick where I can't even use the comb. So to fix this mess and be pushed back 3 steps i cut my hair even and got some aphogee. Im upset because i was getting close to apl and now im beginning sl again and trying to get my hair back in health. I have learned that my hair is already thick so lay off the s curl and Castor oil and keep aphogee in my hair always if i want no breakage. As for now my new brush as been helping with stimulation along with the pepper mint oil so hopefully i can grow more hair. Im thinking of getting growth aides but last time i used biotin i broke out and now im trying to get back a clearier skin. Sometimes i think to my self why does black hair need so much attention and care. I think once i reach full apl i might just call quit, who knows what Will happen next .
a comic strip!


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