I think i have fallen in love, this conditioner makes my hair feel so soft , i might have to use this as a co-washing conditioner when the summer time reaches. It has keratin so my protein/moisture balance will be in check.All i need is a little and the rest does the work. I can't believe it took me this long to buy this product ,i wish i had it since the beginning of my hair journey. This will be listed in the rank of my top moisturizing conditioner. Its creamy with a thick texture and thats a plus for deep conditioning.
This smells so good i really like it ,it gives me that slip and slide feeling when i rinse it out.It is thick and creamy like the sauve so this will be a most for deep conditioning, My hair feels super soft and this will come in handy for quick fixs and cowash. I have to add this also to my fav conditioner cuz i just love how it makes my hair feel. 

-first time trying it and my hair fell in love with it , i love them both.

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