NYX Pearl Eyeshadow

 I love this eye shadow, it glides on like silk and the color is very pigmented. I think i might wanted buy somemore of these colors . Like green or pink the colors i really like. I picked a orange pearl color and it comes up as a bronze color , this is very hand when i want to go in a neutral tone. Now i don't have to go for Sugarpill . This color also has a shimmer to it. The light reflects onto the color and i just love it. A little goes a long way, all i need is a tiny bit and bang color for my entire eye. Ima think about getting more colors but as for now. Ima play around with this color.

Omg i love this, urban decay may be put on hold. I love this as a eyeshadow base and  when i want to use bright colors. Before i use to use the urban decay but the colors would not show,but now ahhhhhh color mania.I love colors and this is what i was looking for. I am sold and in love. I will have to learn how to depot this so i can get my money worths but other than that i give this a 10 rating. Anyone of dark to medium skin tone, this is a must your colors will show and you will love this. 

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