Sammydress Huge Clothing Haul Review

So I was sent some items from Sammydress to review and boy was I excited. I decided to choose a wide variety of items that I felt fit with the transitioning weather of summer to fall. I also choose some beauty accessories that I can make good use out of on my daily routine. The clothing items were on trend while made of durable material. I did not have to worry about the material being too thin and showing my undergarments. The clothing items fit my body type well without me having to worry about it being too big on me.The styles ranged from rompers to dresses and the items that I can add to my daily outfits. I was definitely impressed by the jewelry items because the material was of amazing quality. In my video, I featured a lookbook so you can see how the items fit on me. I would recommend these clothing items to anyone because of the quality of the items, the affordability and the fast shipping that is offered to the customers as well as the many rewards programs that they offer to their customers.

Hardcandy Makeup review

Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray
Hard Candy
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Ginormous Lash · Electric Blue

Here is my review of these items that were sent to me. I hear so many great things about hard candy so I was excited to be able to try out some of their items. The contour kit is perfect for multi-use since it features 4 different ways of how to use it. For me the first two colors were too light for my complexion, but I am sure it is a great fit for fair skin girls. The correcting primer is also great for red spots. I enjoy it because it fills in your pores with it's silicon type texture. This is great for blurring and smoothing out your face. The setting spray worked well as a refresher as I finished my makeup application. I didn't see a difference of how my makeup held up throughout the day but I love it as a refresher to get rid of the powdery look. The final product is the mascara, I enjoy this mascara because it grabs all of your lashes and you can see the color well against my black eye lashes. I find that some of the items were a hit and a miss but I can't wait to check out the other items Hard Candy has to offer.

Spring Fashion Dress Ft Stylewe

It is spring and the weather is amazing, time to get out your dresses and floral prints. I was given the
opportunity to work with Stylewe to select a piece of my choice. This website had amazing pieces to choose from dresses to full piece outfit. The styles varied from special occasion to work attire. I was drawn to the  high quality images which showed the details of the clothing and how the clothes fit on the models. As I scroll through the dresses, I found a lot of dresses that I loved. I wanted something that says spring and a dress that can be worn to multiple events. I choose this floral red dress because the flowers was the main attraction on the dress and I was drawn to the style of the dress. The material is of superb quality and the details of the dress draws attention to those who see it. As I wore this dress to an event, I got lots of compliments about my dress and how well it fits on me. I was excited and I wore the dress with lots of confidence. I would recommend this dress because you can find about any style of your choice and the material on the clothing are of great quality. Get your clothing piece from stylewe and be ready for the spring and summer season,



Lace frontal install& Customization to look natural

Here are some tips of how to make your lace frontal look natural.
1. create gradiant thinness along the hairline
2. mimic your own hair line as much as possible.
3. mimic temples for realistic look.
4. add baby hair to blend line of demarcation of lace
5. use elastic band to hold lace flat to hairline.

Mofain Hair Install Mongolian Loose Wave

intial review

Hair install

This hair is beautiful, the curl pattern is very curly and you get a lot of hair per bundle. I love how the curls are loose but not too tight. I will wear this for 3+ weeks and do a review of how the hair performs.


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